Kennedy DeCoux

Kennedy DeCoux (Age 14)
2013 Promo Video


Kennedy Paige DeCoux is 14 years old and is from Austin, Texas. Her love of dance began at the age of 2 when she took her first ballet class. She has been dancing ever since, taking off only one year to recover from a broken femur. It was at that time that she realized how much she wanted dance to be a part of her life. When she returned to dancing, it was with much more focus and determination. She began dancing competitively at the age of 7. Kennedy has won numerous awards at both Regional and National competitions, as well as Judges Choice Awards and scholarships.  Kennedy spends 20+ hours a week in classes and training, and homeschools to allow more time to pursue her passion for dance. In her free time, Kennedy enjoys travel and scuba diving. She also enjoys the works of Cirque de Soleil. It is Kennedy's dream to become prominent professional dancer and choreographer.

2012 Solo & Duet AWARDS
Dance Showcase

*Best Overall Costume for "Ivy" (12 & under)
*2nd Overall for "Mama" (choreographed by Heather O'Hara) 
**All other solos "Ivy", "Looking Good", "Funambul" also getting in overalls!!

Duet with Brooke Hiller "Caged Strength"
*1st place overall (12 & under)

Trio with Brooke Hiller & Avery Hawthorne "Scared of Me"
*2nd Place Overall (12 & under)

Talent On Parade
*1st place Category Cup "Ivy" (choreographed by Heather O'Hara)
*1st place overall Top Entertainer (12 & under) for "Looking Good" (choreographed by Heather O'Hara)
*TOP STARZ award (invited to perform in Nationals Showcase in Tulsa OK) 
*3rd place Photogenic
*2nd place Costume
*7th place overall (12 & under) with "Looking Good"

Duet with Brooke Hiller "Caged Strength"
*Best Choreography (choreographed by Heather O'Hara)
*1st place overall (12 & under)
*"fearless" duo award 

*3rd Overall for "Looking Good" (choreographed by Heather O'Hara)
*5th Overall for "Mama" (choreographed by Heather O'Hara)
*Judges choice award for "strength and flexibility"
*1st place costume
*NYDE Scholarship Winner
*Invited to perform in Starbound Live Web Cast Nationals Finals Showcase in San Antonio this summer 

Duet with Brooke Hiller "Caged Strength"
*2nd place overall (12 & under)
*judges choice award for "strength and control"