About Us

What is O'Hara Dance Agency? 

O'Hara Dance Agency is not a dance studio. It was set up for young dancers who have demonstrated a strong talent and love of dance, and want to get more out of dance than just dance classes. Heather represents her dancers and finds opportunities for them to get exposure at a local and national level. ODA dancers compete at local and national dance competitions, travel to conventions, audition for TV shows, perform for local events and volunteer for charities.

Why was O'Hara Dance Agency Created?

Dance studios are great. They teach dance, and most do a great job at it. However, some dancers want more than just a Dance Studio. They want more than a few dance classes a week, and a few competitions a year. They may be considering a career in dance, or hope to get a scholarship to college.  

Heather created ODA for those dancers.  She gives training and professional advice at a personal level.  By keeping ODA very small she is able to provide individual attention to each dancer. She also represents dancers, and provides them with performance opportunities and exposure that they would be unlikely to get otherwise.