Brooke Hiller

Brooke Hiller (age 16)
2012 Promo Video


Brooke Hiller is 16 years old and has been dancing for 14 years.  She has been on a competitive dance team since age 10 and has won numerous dance-related awards in the advanced competitive division.  She has also been the recipient of several dance scholarships. Brooke has performed in Ballet Austin’s The Nutcracker and in cities such as Chicago, Branson and San Antonio in special groups chosen from regional & national dance competitions.  Some of her most recent awards include Miss Teen Starbound, TOP Entertainer (Talent On Parade), American Dance Team Winner in the Super Team Category, Crowdpleasers National Junior Soloist winner as well as many placements in the top ten solos during 2011 & 2012 in the genres of jazz, contemporary, open and modern.   Her styles of dance include ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, modern, lyrical, tap, hip hop, open, tumbling, and musical theatre.  She has also taken choreography classes and even a few ballroom classes.   Brooke is a well-rounded and powerful dancer who has an extreme passion for dance and for performing.  She thrives on the rush she gets from performing whether it is for a small group of judges or a huge audience.   She is dedicated to the art of dance and takes every opportunity to take master classes, visit well-known high level dance studios in LA, NY, etc., compete, audition and attend dance performances all over the United States.  She is committed to hours of classes and rehearsals with O’Hara Dance Agency and at her high school as well as taking private lessons to improve her dance solo performances and her ballet and tumbling technique.  She is starting to dabble in a career of dancewear modeling as well and has been selected to travel to Philadelphia this spring for a teen photo shoot.  She was selected on several occasions in 2011 and 2012 as photogenic winner based on her headshot and dance photographs including New Face of Starbound winner at National competition in San Antonio and finalist among the four Starbound National competitions.  Brooke is extremely interested in health, fitness, and physical therapy as they relate to dancing.  In Brooke’s spare time she volunteers with Ballet Austin and Mobile Loaves and Fishes, participates as a “Diamond Girl” in support of the Lake Travis High School baseball teams, concentrates on maintaining an A average on her high school courses and supports her younger brother as he participates on various athletic teams.  Her goals for the future (high school, college and beyond) include continuing to strive for excellence in dance technique and ultimately becoming a performer and/or choreographer in the magnificent world of dance!

2012 Solo & Duet AWARDS

Dance Showcase
*1st place Overall for "I am Strong" (choreographed by Dane Burch)
**with "Burlesque" and "Badmouth" tying in the overalls!!

Duet with Kennedy DeCoux "Caged Strength"
*1st place Overall (12 & under)

Trio with Avery Hawthorne & Kennedy DeCoux "Scared of Me"
*2nd place Overall (12 & under)

Talent On Parade
*Best Choreography, Category Cup and 1st place overall (Teen) with "I am Strong"
(choreographed by Dane Burch)

*Category cup for "Burlesque" (choreographed by Heather O'Hara)
*1st place overall Top Entertainer (Teen) for "Burlesque"
*1st place Photogenic
*1st place Overall High Point
*TOP STARZ award (invited to perform in Nationals Showcase in Tulsa OK) 
*$500 Scholarship to GO PRO held this summer in Branson MO 

Duet with Kennedy DeCoux "Caged Strength"
*Best Choreography (choreographed by Heather O'Hara)
*1st place overall (12 & under)
*"fearless" duo award

Presented awards as ambassador for Starbound for winning "MISS TEEN" Starbound at Nationals
*2nd overall for "I am Strong" (choreographed by Dane Burch)
*Category Cup and 4th overall for "Burlesque" (choreographed by Heather O'Hara)
*Category Cup and 9th overall for "Badmouth" (choreographed by Heather O'Hara)
*1st place Photogenic
*NYDE Scholarship winner
*Invited to perform in Starbound Live Web Cast Nationals Finals Showcase in San Antonio this summer

Duet with Kennedy DeCoux "Caged Strength"
*2nd place overall (12 & under)
*judges choice award for "strength and control"